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BJACH Occupational Health Section

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Hours: Monday - Friday: 0800-1630
Location: building 3504, on the corner of Georgia and Bellrichard Avenues (the red top building).
Telephone: (337) 531-6131/2706 or DSN: 863-6131/2706
Fax: (337) 531-8728

Our mission: To provide services to promote the Health and Safety of the individual, the unit, the workplace, and the community.

We Provide the Best: Preparation for Overseas Reassignment Readiness

We Provide the Best: Evaluate and monitor workplace hazards that affect physical and psychological job performance.

We Provide the Best: Unit Based Job Related Medical Surveillance

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Programs & Services

Military Medical In processing/School of Standards: Newly assigned active duty personnel are screened and provided immunizations, DNA, HIV, and hearing tests to assure deployment readiness.

Occupational Medical Surveillance: Active duty and civilian personnel are monitored for the effects of hazardous exposures.

Occupational Administrative Medical Surveillance: Includes pre-placement, light duty, periodic and fitness for duty physicals for civilian personnel.

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) and Contaminated Exposures: Monitoring personnel with occupations that facilitate actual or potential exposure to BBP; following personnel who receive contaminated exposures.

Respiratory Protection Program: Medical screening, pulmonary function testing, and medical clearance for respirator usage.

Vision Conservation Program: Oriented towards the preservation of eyesight through periodic vision screening, and scheduling of ocular exams for occupations that require safety glasses protection.

Hearing Conservation Program: Oriented towards the preservation of hearing through periodic screening, testing and counseling for occupations requiring hearing protection.

Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP): Provision of services to active duty personnel on the installation facilitating and ensuring that medical readiness is achieved. All services contribute to Combat Readiness of units and deployment readiness. Provisions of services for tenant units may be determined by priority level. Requests for SRPs are placed through B-JACH Operations and Training Division (OTD).

Civilian Resource Conservation Program (CRCP): Provides diagnosis, treatment, and tracking of personnel who sustain job-related injuries or illnesses in the performance of their duties; provides palliative treatment of non-occupational illnesses/injuries that affect the employee's work performance. Identifies physical limitations/restrictions related to specific work environment; assists Civilian Personnel and supervisors with job placement of employees having permanent medical restrictions

Occupational Worksite Visits: Visit work-sites to keep informed about work operations and potential hazards, and to promote co-operation among supervisors, employees, and the Occupational Health Nursing Section.

Immunization Program: Administer immunizations and chemoprophylaxis to DOD military and civilian mission essential personnel as a part of readiness IAW DOD and FORSCOM guidance. Administer immunizations to active duty, USAR, ARNG, and DOD civilian personnel and retirees/family members traveling to foreign countries.

DNA Registry Program: Obtains, completes, and maintains the database of DNA specimens for all armed forces personnel and DOD deployable personnel.

Reproductive Hazards Surveillance: Educating, counseling and monitoring pregnant personnel that are exposed to reproductive hazards in the work environment.

Anthrax Immunization Program: IAW DOD Directive 6205.3, administer the Anthrax vaccine to soldiers in-processing onto the installation or deploying from the installation to geographical areas identified per DOD guidance.

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