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BJACH Environmental Science Section - Food Safety

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Food Safety Information and Requirements

Bake Sales and Hot Dog Sales:
Requires that everyone at the sale have the Basic Food Safety Course certification. An application for request to operate a temporary food booth must also be submitted at least ten days before event. A permit will be issued when all requirements in accordance with TBMED 530 are met. Food safety certificates and permit must be present and available for review the day of the event. All bake sale items should be individually wrapped.

Must have easy access to hand washing facility, covered garbage cans, gloves, some sort of head gear must be worn, no sleeveless shirts allowed, minimal jewelry should be worn and sanitizing solution should be available for cleanup. A placard or information sheet must be displayed, letting customers know the saleitems are home baked (in a kitchen not inspected by Preventive Medicine, Environmental Health) and whether any of the baked goods being sold have peanuts, peanut butter or peanut oil in them. When selling hot dogs make sure the sale site is on concrete or pavement and under some sort of overhead cover.

Hot dogs may be served with chili and cheese as long as the chili and cheese are from commercially canned containers. Single service catsup, mustard, and relish can also be provided.
A thermometer to monitor hot dog temperatures must be present at sale site. Thermometer must be one that reads temperatures from zero to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Coolers to keep hot dogs cold until cooked must be used. Any leftover cooked hot dogs must be disposed of. Always have sanitizing solution on hand for sanitizing utensils and clean up.

Potentially Hazardous Foods:

Sales of hamburger, chicken, eggs, turkey, beef, and pork requires that all personnel must have the Food Handler Safety Course Certification.

Food and Water Safety in an Emergency

Courses Offered

Food Handlers Safety Class:
This certification is good for one year. Follow instructions: online
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Serve Safe Course:
Currently being revised.

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