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BJACH Environmental Science Section

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Location: Bldg. 3516, Georgia Avenue Fort Polk, LA 71459

Contact Information
Chief, Environmental Health: (337) 531-2272
NCOIC, Environmental Health: (337) 653-3268
Environmental Health Technician: (337) 531-3402

The Environmental Science mission: is to provide public health sanitation inspections and education for installation public facilities; surveillance of drinking water quality, medically important arthropods, and climatic conditions; environmental related public health consultative services; field sanitation training for all Fort Polk company-sized elements; distribution of medical threat information; hospital hazardous waste, regulated medical waste, environmental compliance monitoring; and hospital radiation protection coordination. This is not an all inclusive list of tasks performed by the Environmental Health Section, Department Preventive Medicine.

Water Quality and Water Trailer Inspections: Preventive Medicine, Environmental Health monitors Quality Assurance on data analysis of the potable water supply and distribution system on Fort Polk, Louisiana. Click on bold print for more information.

Field Sanitation Class Information: A twenty-hour certification for Field Sanitation Teams on Fort Polk is provided. Classes include: Heat/Cold Injury Prevention, Chemical/Noise Hazards, Water Supply and Food Service Sanitation, Arthropod Management, and Pesticide Application. Click on the bold print for registration information.

Food Safety Information and Requirements: Click on the bold print for information to obtain Food Handler Certification.

Sanitation: Environmental Health provides routine sanitary surveys on the following Fort Polk facilities in order to protect the public’s health. These surveys include a thorough inspection over the facilities processes and equipment. Listed are a few of the many surveys performed by the Environmental Health Section: Barber Shops, Child Development Centers, Drinking Water Systems, Food Facilities, Sports Facilities, and Swimming Pools.

Insect and Wildlife: Poisonous Spiders, Brown Recluse Spider

Summer Safety: Heat Illness Prevention

Winter Safety: Cold Weather Casualties and Injuries

West Nile Virus Information: The West Nile Virus is mostly transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. By using insect repellant and wearing protective clothing, you can reduce your risk of becoming infected with the West Nile Virus. Click on the bold print for more information on the West Nile Virus.

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