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A Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) is an annual requirement for all Active Duty members. During the PHA appointment your health care team will help you identify your health risks, develop a prevention plan with you and inform you of available support resources.

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Instructions
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  1. Review your Medical Readiness on AKO ahead of time.
    Go to your AKO home page, then go to Self-Service, then My Medical, then Medical Readiness Data, then Medical Readiness.

    Check your Medical Readiness. If dental, hearing or PAP smear are AMBER or RED, complete these prior to attending your PHA Part II appointment.
    • Dental Clinic (yearly) - Dental Clinic for yearly exam. Chesser - 531-4854, Shira - 531-4121, Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital (BJACH) - 531-3729
    • Immunizations - Occupational Health Bldg 3504 Georgia Ave. Hours of operation: Mondays 0900-1130, Wednesdays 0900-1130, 1300-1530. Call 531-6131 for more information.
    • Hearing (yearly) - Hearing Conservation Bldg 3504 Georgia Ave. Hours of operation: Mondays 0800-1130, 1300-1600. Call 531-3904 for more information.
    • PAP Smear (yearly) - Call BJACH appointment line - 531-3011
    • The vision screening completed at your PHA appointment is adequate for a yearly vision exam. It is not necessary to schedule an optometry exam unless your provider advises you at your PHA appt. EENT clinic - 531-3276

  2. Complete the MEDPROS Periodic Health Assessment Questionnaire available on AKO Medical Readiness Page (see #1). It is not necessary to print a copy and bring it to your scheduled PHA appointment at Preventive Medicine.

  3. Visit Unit Aid Station to schedule part II of your PHA. An appointment will be scheduled for you to see the provider. Blood tests will be ordered as needed. If you are seen by BJACH for your care, schedule your part II through Physical Exam Section at 531-2579.

  4. Make sure you bring any profiles to the PHA Part II appointment.

  5. The provider will update your MEDPROS to reflect your current PHA date and PULHES which will be good for 1 year.
PHA Soldier Checklist
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Screening Location
Laboratory BJACH 2nd Floor
Outpatient Clinic Entrance
Optometry BJACH 1st Floor
Call to schedule appt  (337) 531-3236
Hearing Conservation Preventive Medicine Bldg 3504
Georgia Ave (337) 531-3904
Audiology BJACH 1st Floor
Call to schedule appt - (337) 531-3236
EKG (if over 40)
(During PHA Pt II)
Physical Exam/Medical Exam
Outpatient Clinic Entrance 2nd floor
Call to schedule appt - (337) 531-2579. ALL OTHER AD SCHEDULE THROUGH YOUR UNIT AID STATION
DEERS (if necessary) In & Out Processing room 36
(337) 531-1430
Mammogram (if necessary) You will need a consult from your provider following your exam
Weigh to Stay (BMI >27) Nutrition Care Division
(337) 531-3129
Dental Exam 4/10 - Shira Dental Clinic 531-2121
MEDDAC, VET SVC, USAG, JRTC, 5th AVN, USAAD, WTU, Med students - BJACH 531-3729
ALL OTHER UNITS - Chesser 531-4854
Well Woman's Exam BJACH - Call to schedule appointment 531-3011
Immunizations Preventive Medicine Bldg 3504 Georgia Ave
Occupational Health - 531-6131
Mondays 0900-1130
Wednesdays 0900-1130, 1300-1530

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